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John Phillip Holland

John Philip Holland, born in County Clare in 1841, the son of a lighthouse keeper, he attended the Christian Brothers School in Limerick and later joined the Christian Brothers in Cork. 1865 saw him arrive at the Christian Brothers convent Drogheda now Scholars Townhouse Hotel. Where he took up teaching Mathematics and music. Throughout his time as a Christian Brother, he never abandoned his passion for engineering and applying Mathematical solutions to engineering problems. It was during his residence at the Christian Brothers residence that he designed the submersible Mechanical Duck ( Which could walk around the garden, swim and dive underwater and then resurface) he then designed what was to become the worlds first workable submarine; "The Fenian Ram" (which stands today in the John Philip Holland Museum in Patterson, New Jersey). In 1873 Holland left both the Christian Brothers and Ireland for America to pursue turning his Submarine Design into an actual vessel. He secured funding from the Boston based Fenian organisation to establish the Electric Boat Company which still exists to this day as the Submarine Manufacturing division of General Dynamics."A Monument now Stands at the Gates of Scholars Townhouse in commemoration of the work of John Philip Holland.


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