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About Drogheda

Chartered in 1194 AD by the Norman King John, the history of the townland extends further back into the folklore of arrival of the Celts in Ireland. Founded by the Norse in 911, Drogheda became one of their most important strongholds in Ireland so much so that the town played host to Parliaments in the Middle Ages.

The town's more recent historic attributes are connected to Oliver Cromwell in the 1680's, the Battle of the Boyne and subsequent surrender to King William. The medieval architecture remains prominant in the town today. Churches, towers, abbeys and forts dating back to 800 years are closely situated. In the surrounding countryside of the Boyne Valley the history is even more extraordinary. Visit the stone age architecture of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth. These famous ancient burial chambers are older than the pyramids of Egypt and are the embodiment of a lost era in Irish history.

In more recent times the town has evolved from a Market Town to the North East’s largest town with vibrant streets and shopping centres. Fantastic bars, restaurants and nightclubs ready and able to satisfy; whatever your taste may be, from ethnic food to rave clubs and everything in between."

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